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Welcome to Psychodiagnostics, a private practice specializing in psychological assessment. We measure personality, intelligence, academics and symptoms with professional and reliable instruments. Descriptions, conclusions and formal diagnoses are carefully formed through observation, history and comprehensive assessments.

Steven Hertler, a New York and New Jersey licensed psychologist, has served in Four Winds Hospital, Morristown Memorial Hospital and The Children’s Institute, assessing persons with serious mental illness, developmental delays, learning disabilities and autism. Dr. Hertler’s experience is drawn from a combination of research, teaching and clinical practice. He researches personality and identity and has written critical reviews on the diagnosis and etiology of obsessive personality in addition to conducting empirical research on identity change in young adults. At the College of New Rochelle, he teaches undergraduate courses in General Psychology and Brain and Behavior, and graduate courses in Psychopathology, Rorschach Methods, Testing and Assessment and Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.

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Psychodiagnostics attempts to answer all referral questions. We focus on the area of concern, while also screening other areas for potential weaknesses. In this way, we describe weaknesses, while ruling out alternative explanations. It is our goal to answer your question. Our assessments can discriminate between normal experience and clinical pathology, personality variation and personality disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other causes of inattention, specific learning problems and global intellectual delays. We can differentiate between disorders, describe disorders or explain them. In addition, our staff can recommend treatment plans and answer questions through assessment or consultation. Psychodiagnostics serves New Jersey and New York residents and families. We also offer individually arranged assessments and ongoing contracts to psychological and psychiatric practices, schools and agencies.

General information about mental illness, diagnosis, personality, intelligence, academics and testing, can be found by clicking the links at the right. To see the services that we offer, click on assessment, diagnosis or consultation at the top of the page. Call (862) 377-6068 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Psychodiagnostics offers a broad range of psychological assessment, focusing on the following domains:

1) Personality
2) Mental Illness
3) Behavioral Disorders
4) Developmental Disabilities
5) Intelligence
6) Academic and Learning Disabilities


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